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13 Things About The trip So Far!

04. September 2008 | en

Thirteen Things about Our Trip So Far!

1.The first podcast is ready and out!

They should now come out every 2 weeks and follow our travels over the 3 month period!

2. So far we have been on the road for 52 days.

3.We have ridden through 6 countries (Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey!)

4. We plan on riding through Greece, Albania, Croatia and Slovenia on the way back for sure, maybe Italy and Switzerland? Maybe back through Austria straight to Germany? Who knows???

5.I have found out Youtube is blocked in Turkey! (So I cant actually see the podcast, I just had a friend send me the embedding code.) :P

6. I have now driven 7692 kilometers on Betty to date on this trip!

The day we started:

Now she has almost 24000!

7.So far we have been able to stick to our budget of 30 Euros a day each (with gas)

8.Gas is between 1.80 and 1.90 in EUROS per LITRE here in Turkey. Ouch!

9. I have taken shelter in a random monastery during a thunder and lightening storm for the night! (and woke the monk up to do so)

10.We made it to our destination of Mt. Nemrut and it was even better than I had expected it to be.

11.Myself and Patrick are still friends. ;)

12.This is my first big trip, and I passed my test one week before we hit the road.

13. There is no way this is my last trip, as it has been amazing!!!

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Map: N 39° 94.387 E 32° 85.603

Created at: 04. September 2008

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Do You Want To Die?

03. September 2008 | en

Then go for a ride in a Turkish city.


On this one I am so glad that I took the back seat. We were debating moving into Ankara. My bike needed some minor tweaking (I busted out one of my indicators when I dropped the bike and the other one was not signalling, not that it mattered for Turkey, but I figured since we are heading into the homeward bound portion of our trip it would be good to have, since the German speaking countries tend to be partial to their safety rules). Also Patrick´s seal has broken on his fork, which means leaked oil. But that also meant getting two bikes in, and also OUT of Ankara. So we are staying outside the city and driving in on one bike, with me on back. And on this side you will hear no complaints. :P Stress is a big city with no traffic rules, including completely ignoring the idea of lanes and be sounding your horn you are signaling not just your intention to cut in front of someone but your right.


But we did make some awesome new friends! Puppies!!! We pulled into a little area to have our break and breakfast on the way to Ankara and out bounded two of the cutest puppy babies ever. On the way home they were still there. Which makes me think that they live there, depending on the kindness of those who drive by to feed them. We go back to Anakra tomorrow, and I hope to visit them again! :)

I also had myself vindicated a little when we went to a motorcycle shop to pick up knee protection. This is the area that I am not proud of myself, but I have been stupidly riding this entire trip in borrowed pants that have no knee protection in them. I, ahem, gained a couple of pounds during my year and a bit in Germany, and my old pants with protection no longer fit. The leather pants fit nicely. And I figured I would lose weight on the trip. Which I have…..but still riding without protection is just STUPID. (even if the Turkish mock us, why I have no idea, these roads are not the safest).

And while buying my moto cross knee guards I began to talk with the guy who ran the store. He said the roads in Turkey are particularly dangerous due to the way they pave the roads here, or basically some tar with rocks on some mountain roads. A lot of accidents happen this way. I don´t understand why there can no be signs before you come around a curve and hit one of those roads. Apparently motorcyclists here have been lobbying for better roads, or at least signs, for a long time without success.


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Map: N 39° 94.387 E 32° 85.603

Created at: 04. September 2008

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Vehicle to this place: Motorbike

You know what it is like to perpetually smell like burnt gasoline, or dirt under your fingernails from tires that refuse to keep their proper shape and pressure. Flies in your face, either too hot or too cold, but you refuse to submit to that fate of

Random picture taken in Ankara


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