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I Think It Was June

22. June 2005 | en

My memory is a bit sketchy. ;-) Either way I was on a mission. To meet Godzilla desu!!!

Every few months the major airlines in Japan have ichi maan sales. No not an icthy man, but rather a flight anywhere in Japan for an ichi man, or about 100 dollars. (at least at the time it was worth about that much). Living in a rice field meant we had a craving for city life, and who doesn’t love Tokyo. So we booked our flights, Tokyo and then Okinawa it was. Hurray! Godzilla here I come!

Frantically trying to locate him according to Lonely Planet:

school and house 291

The problem was we WERE where Godzilla should be, and yet we kept missing him. Had he gone off on a rampage to terrorize the sewer rats?

Because as it turned out, that would be about all everyone’s favorite giant lizard would be terrorizing.

So impressive

school and house 298

and yet

school and house 305

something was missing:

school and house 299

like size:

school and house 303

Next time I will read the guide closer to discover that missing him is common due to the belief that a monster that stomps buildings should be able to umm, well, step on them?

That of course did not stop me from going into Godzilla mode the rest of the holiday, including spontaneous outbreaks in stores:

school and house 359

Even if my dragon drink was scarier, or for that matter the bubbly shrimp concoction we had in Okinawa.

school and house 401

school and house 403

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Tags: Tokyo Japan Tracking Godzilla Tripping Over Godzilla
Map: N 35° 67.845 E 139° 6.822

Created at: 22. May 2008

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Wordless Wednesday: Godzilla desu

21. May 2004 | en

school and house 297

school and house 304

Tags: Tokyo Japan Godzilla
Map: N 35° 67.845 E 139° 6.822

Created at: 21. May 2008

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